In recent years, commodities have emerged as part of the wider class of alternative assets. Increased inflationary pressures have also boosted the commodity appeal as an inflation hedge, with funds pouring money into the range of commodity spectrum led by oil and gold. As demand for goods and services increases, so does the price of the commodities/ raw materials used to produce those goods and services. Futures exchanges thus act as a central financial exchange where people can trade standardised futures contracts, at a specified price with delivery set at a specified time in the future.
Investing in commodity futures can assist in managing risk by providing balance in an investment portfolio.
Phillip Futures offers trading access to a variety of commodity futures products ranging from Energy, Metals to Agricultures. As one of the industry leaders in commodity futures, Phillip Futures 24-hour Commodities Desk provides you with advice on hedging techniques, superior client service and timely order execution.
Until the mid-1950s, coal was still the world's foremost fuel, but oil quickly took over and today, crude oil is the world's most actively traded commodity, and the NYMEX crude oil futures contract is the world's largest-volume futures contract trading on a physical commodity.
Our aim is to facilitate customers in managing their exposure against fluctuation of energy prices and to explore investment opportunities. We are able to assist you to identify the energy price risk, establish your hedging objectives and explore alternative products and strategies. Our team also updates customers regularly on the outlook and latest developments in the market.
Metals are important raw materials in industries ranging from construction, automobiles to shipping, making it important for suppliers and consumers to hedge their products against future price movements.
Gold's appeal has endured through the ages since the inception of the international gold standard as the first monetary system in the 17th century. Its value as an inflation hedge has been boosted by recent financial turmoil as investors sought refuge in the traditional safe haven asset.
All that glitters is not just gold but the prices of base metals have also enjoyed a rapid rise as the booming twin economies of China and India fuelled their demand.
We offer a wide range of industrial metal contracts including non-ferrous metal forward contracts as well as exchange-traded metals futures on COMEX and NYMEX. At Phillip Futures, we provide trade execution and clearing services on industrial metals contracts to producers, professional commodity investors, consumers, retail investors, arbitragers and speculators.
When the wells finally run dry, where do we turn to? Fortunately many of our commercial crops can be converted into bio-diesel, forming an important source of renewable energy. The surge in energy prices over the past years have made it very viable for this alternative fuel to be produced. As such, the limelight on agricultural like soybean, corn and sugar has never been brighter.
At Phillip Futures, we offer a wide spectrum of commodities tradable in various global exchanges. Our rich history began in 1983 when we first traded coffee and cocoa. To date, we have more than 25 years of experience in the commodities industry, providing our customers with a wide range of services from trading and hedging strategies to market and industrial overviews.
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