Fair and Efficient Market
When investors trade GOFX through Philllip Futures, a great number of parties is directly involved to create deeper liquidity in the market. The result is a transparent market and more competitive bid and ask spread. 
Optimal Capital Efficiency
Phillip Futures margining system takes into consideration the maximum security while providing optimal capital efficiency to investors. The leverage offered by the other gold products in the market may be higher than Phillip Futures, however it offers minimum protection when the market move against the investors rapidly. 
Hedge Against Inflation
If an investor is to take the gold price from 1971 until 2016, and calculate the compound growth rate from it, it will result in a 7.7% rate. Let us assume that the inflation rate is approximately 6%. Then gold value will equal the inflation rate, which means the investor’s money can still buy the same amount of goods as it was in the previous years.
Portfolio Diversification
A portfolio manager will want to reduce volatility risk in their portfolio, and gold can be used as one component of their portfolio. As gold prices is usually uncorrelated to
stocks (when stocks went up gold will went down and vice versa), it can help reduce portfolio value movement in times of economic uncertainty.
Cleared and Guaranteed by Indonesia Clearing House
Every transaction is centrally matched in our exchange system and cleared real time by the Indonesia Clearing House (ICH). Now, investors don’t have to be afraid of default risk from their counterparty.
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