GOFX is a product group of commodity derivatives consisting of Gold, Crude Oil, and Forex which are traded online directly on the Exchange. With required margin as small as 2% to 4% from the notional value, you may buy and sell contracts worth 311 grams of pure gold, 100 barrels of crude oil, and currencies comparable to US$10,000.






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Trading GOFX commodity derivatives utilizes margin, enabling capital efficiency.

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The Trading of GOFX is done transparently on the exchange. 

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You have an equal opportunity to offer any price you want. Any matching of buys and sells directly affect the price outcome of the commodity.


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The multitude of market participants with diverse backgrounds allows you to enter and exit the marketplace with ease.

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GOFX Trading can be done online via PC or mobile. You can trade from anywhere. 

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GOFX is traded round the clock up to 22 hours a day, 5 days a week, giving you flexibility to trade anytime, at any opportunity.


Why Trade GOFX with Phillip Futures? 

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  Free regular seminars/webinars & personalized One-to-one Coaching session
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