Crude Oil

What is Crude Oil?
Indonesia is one of the world’s oil exporter. To present a platform that provides equal and transparent opportunities for buyers and sellers, Phillip Futures has prepared a crude oil futures contract to accommodate the need to manage risks related to the price movements of crude oil.
Crude oil is an important energy source used worldwide as it can be refined to produce products such as gasoline, diesel, and various forms of petrochemicals. Its scarcity, high extraction cost yet global demand, touted it as “black gold”.
As a major source of energy used in various daily activities, fluctuation of oil prices may significantly impact businesses and prices of other commodities and plays an important factor as costs and other related prices may hike or fall along or against the price movement of crude oil. This price movement also opens investment opportunities to simply trade the contract or to combine it within a portfolio.
Embrace this advantage to engage the Phillip Futures Crude Oil contract through leverage and extract its’ potential.
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