Foreign exchange market or simply referred as FX, is the world’s largest marketplace.
According to the latest Bank for International Settlement (BIS) Triennial Survey, there are over $5 trillion dollar worth of FX transactions traded globally. FX market is where currencies are traded, bought and sold.

Why Trade GOFX Forex with Phillip Futures?

  Benefiting The Market
      Individual investors & traders will have a very wide opportunity to gain from price movement as Forex market offers a very interesting            daily price fluctuation.
  Source of Superior Liquidity
     You will be able to trade against any type of investor in the market and not just to one liquidity provider only. It involves various parties           including large global banks as the market makers, regional brokerage firms, retail investors and institutional investors. 
  Safety is in Your Hand
      With Phillip Futures Forex, we offer a better chance to grab a maximum capital security in trading. The margin will be based on the                percentage to the value and will be adjusted every end of the day to ensure against counterparty default risk. 



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