Key Benefit
1.  Trade a slice of the most liquid equity index futures
E-mini S&P 500, Nasdaq-100, Russell 2000 and Dow ($5) futures are among the most liquid, actively traded equity index contracts available. Micro E-mini futures provide the same benefits of E-mini futures, in a smaller-sized contract.
2.  Precisely scale index exposure up or down
Add more granularity to your trading and risk-management strategies by using Micro E-mini futures to fine-tune your index exposure.
3.  Versatility to manage positions
At a 10:1 contract ratio, Micro E-mini Equity futures can be converted easily into a classic E-mini futures position, and vice versa. That gives you more flexibility for managing positions as market conditions change, using the contract that best suits your goals, and greater access to liquidity.
Contract Specifications
Click here to view CME Micro E-mini futures contract specs.
Click here to open an account online now!
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