Phillip Futures Mobile (PFM)

Phillip Futures Mobile is our new browser-based trading platform for POEMS Professional users to trade on the go. The application comes with the following features to support your trading needs:

  • Review Live P&L
  • View market depth
  • Trade anytime on mobile, tablet and desktop (perfect as a tactical trading screen)


PFM Enhancement 7.0

  1. Desktop version interface revamped! Better looks!

  2. Watchlist in table form! (Desktop Version)
    • More information available (including Bid/Ask vol, open, high, low, ydsp and volume.)

  3. Flexibility of the right panel (Desktop Version)
    • Right panels can be interacted with, by dragging the panel header.
    • Can have multiple tabs on the panel.
    • Setting icon is now on the top right of desktop view.

  4. New display for account information (Desktop Version)
    • Working orders, Complete orders and Open position in table form.
    • Account summary is always showing at the bottom.

  5. Forget password is available on Desktop Version now!

  6. Market Depth's working orders with Implied Price (Mobile Version only)